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Holistic Modalities

Holistic Modalities have been defined as treatment techniques whose goals are to bring about the healing of the mind/body/spirit and emotions; the whole human being. 

Women diagnosed with cancer are under a great deal of stress and anxiety. Experiencing and learning some new tools to use, as simple as a breathing meditation, guided imagery, and a gratitude list, or more advanced skills such as reiki, journaling or body movements, can help restore balance and harmony back into your lives.

The first half of each of our meeting is devoted to sharing a holistic modality with the group. Each month a different presenter will demonstrate his/her program. Then it is up to each individual if they want to try to learn it. The choice is yours.

Our groups are filled with sharing, laughter, love and some times tears, which are, of course, healing.

“We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.” Luciano De Crescenzo

Current Board Members Bios

Lynn Ferrer RN, MA, HNB-BC – Founding Member

At the end of my first year working in the outpatient cancer center as a Holistic Nurse Practitioner, I proposed a Reiki Level 1 Workshop for women with cancer. This way, they could learn Reiki for personal use and also share it with family and friends. Most of the women who signed up had been and some still were, patients whom I had worked with during their chemotherapy. The response was overwhelming. After the program, a dozen women continued to meet with me and discuss the possibility of starting a support group for women with cancer with emphasis on the Healing Arts. They asked me to be president, but I refused. I told them loud and clear, “Ladies you are the experts. You have walked the Journey, I have only accompanied you.” Thus WINGS was born. We are grateful to all of the beautiful people who have helped us get to this Healing Place.

Diane Braschi – President and Founding Member

I am a mother, daughter, friend and survivor. I was diagnosed with rectal cancer at the age of forty-seven and have been living cancer-free since I finished my surgery and treatment. I believe that my faith, the healing arts and the support of the Women of WINGS, have been essential to my recovery and peace of mind. I want women to know that we need not be alone; the women of WINGS stand together and offer Love, Hope, Comfort and Support.

MaryAnne Schettini – Vice President

I have been blessed throughout my life in many ways. I have a truly wonderful family. My husband and I have four daughters and 8 grandchildren. I have true faith in God and it is this faith that has allowed me to accept and cope with any adversity that has come my way. But, blessings come in many ways. Today, it is with pleasure that I serve as a board member of Wings. I consider this to also be a blessing.

I was first diagnosed with cancer in 2004 and then diagnosed for a second time in 2016. That is when I was introduced to Wings. I am extremely happy to be part of this amazing group of women. We share a common ground that helps us to be understanding and empathetic with all who join us at our meetings.

Through the holistic arts, we are able to share laughter and comfort. Cancer is not what defines us but it is what has brought us together and together we become one.

Randi Jeddis – Treasurer and Founding Member

In September 2009 at the age of 46 I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. Today I am cancer free. Little did I know that on this journey, I would meet a group of amazing women and that together we would turn WINGS from a concept in to a program. Being both a founding member and a member of the board of directors has brought an amazing amount of joy, fulfillment, and support to me over the last five years. The woman on the Board and all the women who have attended our programs have added depth and quality to both my recovery and my life. I consider it an honor to lead the support group that we have directly after most presentations.

Josette Soprano – Corresponding Secretary

I joined the board of WINGS in 2013. I am a breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed when I was 34 years young! I love being a part of such a dynamic support group where women with all types of cancer can come together and learn different healing modalities while supporting and encouraging each other. I also serve as a board member of the Dean Michael Clarizio Cancer Foundation operating out of West Orange, NJ.

Eileen Ippolito – Recording Secretary

One bright, sunny day in May, 2015, I was looking forward to getting my rose after my scheduled routine mammogram and ultrasound. When routine became concern, I took some deep breaths and put on my fighting gloves. My diagnosis of Stage 2 Breast cancer began a new life for me. As I went through chemo and radiation, I was introduced to Lynn Ferrer, the amazingly wonderful holistic nurse at St. Barnabas. Her voice, her manner, her being comforted me. She then introduced me to WINGS and I was hooked. As a teacher, mom, wife and caregiver, I needed a place to just be me. To absorb the strength and love of other women. To continue to build my strength and love for others. I looked forward to the monthly meetings that WINGS so graciously offers. When they asked me to become a member of the board in 2018, I was completely honored and excited. Being able to help, enjoy and be with other women who are going through struggles of their own has continued to shape the person that I am today. I am truly blessed to be a proud member of the WINGS sisterhood and I look forward to what life continues to throw my way! I am ready!

Holly Whitmore Denton – Immediate Past President and Founding Member

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of 2008. Even before having my bi-lateral mastectomy and chemotherapy, I began to understand and feel the incredible healing power of love, support and of women sharing and listening who had had similar experiences. Then in 2015, I was diagnosed with a totally different and very rare cancer in my eye, Ocular Melanoma. Being a musician, and working in music with young families, I was acutely aware of the many ways music could help in healing. But then delving into the healing arts more fully as I went deeper with all of our WINGS programs, I have learned so much more about the whole mind, body and spirit connection. Meeting holistic nurse Lynn Ferrer and the subsequent formation of WINGS Cancer Support Group has been another incredible journey that continues to bring, joy, peace and inspiration. I am a mother of three boys, wife, sister of a cancer survivor, and feel so blessed to be able to pay it forward through WINGS.

Maria Mastrogiannis

It is a privilege and honor to be on the board of WINGS with such an amazing group of women. I am a strong believer and advocate that the Healing Arts contribute to one’s positive outlook toward their battle with cancer during and after treatments. Having had a personal journey and having had friends and family afflicted with various types of cancer including prostate, bladder, brain, skin, lung, breast, ovarian and lymphoma; I have witnessed the power of healing through art therapy, reflexology, reiki, meditation and journaling. I have learned that knowledge is power and that is what WINGS provides; a place where we come together and bond by sharing life stories and personal experiences through laughter, tears and friendship.

2010 Original Founding Members

Lynn Ferrer
Holly Denton
Diane Braschi
Randi Jeddis
Joni Jasterzbkski
Maureen Glennon
Sabina Petillo
Rena Cooper
Terry Meier
Flo Siderman

In Memoriam

Always in our hearts…
Flo Siderman
Terry Meier
Rena Cooper
Lisa Cianciulli


While I was undergoing my first set of treatments in March of 2013, I was introduced to a nurse by the name of Lynn Ferrer at Saint Barnabas, who practiced holistic therapy and medicine. She invited me to attend a “WINGS” meeting. I was unsure if this was something I would be comfortable doing. I, like many others, was scared what the future had in store for me. I was diagnosed when I was 33 years old. More or less, I was afraid to live but afraid to die… But then I met the women of WINGS, and my perspective on this group—and life—changed. 

At first glance I thought, “What could I possibly have in common with these women?” But this group of ladies—some young, some old; some black, some white; some single, some married and some widowed; and some heterosexual, some homosexual—all had one thing in common: they were united by cancer. This ugly monster had allowed something beautiful to evolve from its evil existence: a friendship—a bond that no other person could break or understand unless she was part of this unique group. These women and their stories not only inspired me, but healed me on so many levels. And for that, I am eternally grateful to WINGS.

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